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Invictus Family, Invictus International School's Virtual Campus
Invictus Home-based Learning

Invictus Home-based Learning

Are you seeking a home schooling option? Perhaps there are no quality international school options with affordable fees near you?

Introducing Invictus Family – the virtual extension of Invictus International School - offers a premium home based learning (HBL) experience with all classes conducted by our own qualified Invictus teachers, via a structured daily timetable in the same way they would in a physical campus, for just $4000 per year.

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We understand the challenges of using technology controlled across borders (such as Google in China) and so we are supported by a strong technology department that advises us on best platforms, to ensure smooth delivery of our programmes, for an uninterrupted learning experience.

Home-based Learning in Singapore and Asia

Invictus Family caters to students from Years 1 to 10 (ages 6 to 16) for primary school education, with plans to offer secondary school and high school education based on the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. Teaching is based on the UK National Curriculum and the Singapore Ministry of Education Mathematics curriculum.

It offers a rigorous curriculum with a syllabus that is pegged to mainstream schools while offering the flexibility and freedom of learning from home. Parents can home-school their children while getting the support of qualified educators who are adept in using technology devices to deliver online lessons.

International Homeschooling

Invictus Family caters to families in Singapore and Asian countries who are seeking international homeschooling education for their children. Classes run online daily for five days and students follow a timetable that includes academic subjects. Most of the timetable consists of live lessons to allow students to gain the benefits of live classroom interaction and learn from each other. Students can also collaborate with each other via video conferences.

Home-based learning teaches children to be independent learners who are confident users of technology. Invictus Family also offers the support and rigorous curriculum of an established international school to ensure high-quality and affordable education for your children with a structured daily timetable.

Invictus Family - Virtual Campus

Invictus Family is currently offering Years 1 to 10.

Enrolment age for AY Aug 2020 - July 2021

Year 1
1st Sep 2014 - 31st Aug 2015

(aged 5)

Year 4
1st Sep 2011 - 31st Aug 2012

(aged 8)

Year 2
1st Sep 2013 - 31st Aug 2014

(aged 6)

Year 5
1st Sep 2010 - 31st Aug 2011

(aged 9)

Year 3
1st Sep 2012 - 31st Aug 2013

(aged 7)

Year 6
1st Sep 2009 - 31st Aug 2010

(aged 10)

Year 7
1st Sep 2008 - 31st Aug 2009

(aged 11)

Year 10
1st Sep 2005 - 31st Aug 2006

(aged 14)

Year 8
1st Sep 2007 - 31st Aug 2008

(aged 12)

Year 9
1st Sep 2006 - 31st Aug 2007

(aged 13)

Curriculum Offered

Curriculum Offered

Course at Invictus Family has a comprehensive curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for personal learning and for international mindedness. At Invictus Family, we are doing UK National English Curriculum with Singapore Mathematics. For Science & other subjects, we are using theme-based curriculum adapted from the Singapore and UK National Curriculum.

Fees Structure

The school fee is USD 4,000 per year. A one-time USD 1,000 enrolment fee is waived for the first 50 students enrolled.

Our Virtual Campus Educators

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