Invictus Family, Invictus International School's Virtual Campus
Invictus Family, Invictus International School's Virtual Campus

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January 2021

School Fees (January-June 2021)
USD 2,000
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Invictus Family, Invictus International School's Virtual Campus
Invictus Family, Invictus International School's Virtual Campus

Welcome to Invictus Family

Invictus home-based learning

Limited time offer:
USD 1,000 registration fee waiver for the
first 50 students enrolled.

Quality Education With A Holistic And Global Perspective

Invictus Family, Invictus International School's Virtual Campus

Invictus home-based learning

Are you seeking a home schooling option? Perhaps there are no quality international school options with affordable fees near you?

Introducing Invictus Family – the virtual extension of Invictus International School - offers a premium home based learning (HBL) experience with all classes conducted by our own qualified Invictus teachers, via a structured daily timetable in the same way they would in a physical campus, for just $4000 per year.

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We understand the challenges of using technology controlled across borders (such as Google in China) and so we are supported by a strong technology department that advises us on best platforms, to ensure smooth delivery of our programmes, for an uninterrupted learning experience.

Invictus home-based learning

Invictus Family

Invictus Family is a high quality interactive home-based learning taught by qualified and experienced teachers. Our classes are open to all students regardless of nationality. Students are required to attend virtual classes following a strict timetable like a regular school.

The shape of education is changing exponentially and in line with the Invictus schools Mission statement that includes, innovation, we present here our new and innovative virtual learning environment.

It is our mission to provide a quality virtual learning experience, based on best practice. We do this using a proven blended-teaching model grounded in effective planning and quality interaction from our expert teachers. Real qualified teachers supporting home-based learning.

We wish to ensure through a supportive framework, that students develop independent study skills, helping them become more responsible for their own learning – the Invictus way.

Invictus Family - Virtual Campus

Invictus Family is currently offering Years 1 to 10.

Enrolment age for AY Aug 2020 - July 2021

Year 1
1st Sep 2014 - 31st Aug 2015

(aged 5)

Year 4
1st Sep 2011 - 31st Aug 2012

(aged 8)

Year 2
1st Sep 2013 - 31st Aug 2014

(aged 6)

Year 5
1st Sep 2010 - 31st Aug 2011

(aged 9)

Year 3
1st Sep 2012 - 31st Aug 2013

(aged 7)

Year 6
1st Sep 2009 - 31st Aug 2010

(aged 10)

Year 7
1st Sep 2008 - 31st Aug 2009

(aged 11)

Year 10
1st Sep 2005 - 31st Aug 2006

(aged 14)

Year 8
1st Sep 2007 - 31st Aug 2008

(aged 12)

Year 9
1st Sep 2006 - 31st Aug 2007

(aged 13)

Curriculum Offered

Curriculum Offered

Course at Invictus Family has a comprehensive curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for personal learning and for international mindedness. At Invictus Family, we are doing UK National English Curriculum with Singapore Mathematics. For Science & other subjects, we are using theme-based curriculum adapted from the Singapore and UK National Curriculum.

Vision Statement

• At Invictus, our vision is to be a globally-recognized leader in exemplary online learning experiences.

Mission Statement

• The mission of Invictus Family – Homebased Learning Virtual Campus is to provide an environment where students from around the world are immersed in a collaborative learning community that fosters international mindfulness. Invictus Family will foster, support, and promote excellence in teaching and learning in all online environments by:

- promoting student engagement;
- encouraging innovative teaching and learning practices that meet the needs of a diverse student population;
- creating an academically rigorous and relevant learning environment;
- providing transparency of curriculum, learning, assessments and reporting;
- providing and supporting student safety online;

Fees Structure

The school fee is USD 4,000 per year. A one-time USD 1,000 enrolment fee is waived for the first 50 students enrolled.

Our Virtual Campus Educators

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