Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Invictus Family is a virtual classroom that allows students to learn online in a setting that closely mirrors a real classroom environment. Lessons are "LIVE" and interactive, facilitated in realtime by a qualified and experienced teacher. It is not a pre-recorded video.

  2. A free trial class allows potential students to experience Invictus Family classroom first-hand and participate in online learning. Trial classes are actual "LIVE" interactive sessions, and are similar to what a student enrolled with Invictus Family would experience. It allows prospective parents and the students to decide if Invictus Family is a right fit for them.
    Find out more about the trial classes here.

  3. Any student that meets the age and skill requirements of their current grade level and able to converse in English can enrol in Invictus Family, regardless of nationality.
  4. We are offering Years 1 to 10 for now.
  5. Invictus Family uses Zoom, Google Classroom, ActiveLearn and BugClub, all of which are highly interactive software that enables students to learn and be engaged throughout the school day.
  6. To enrol in Invictus Family:
    • 1. Register for a free trial class (if you want to) on
    • 2. Complete the online student enrolment on
    • 3. Pay for and undertake an online Admission Assessment (USD100)
    • 4. Sign the offer letter
    • 5. Pay the course fees
    • 6. Sign the student contract
    • 7. Upon paying the fees and signing the contract, parents/students will be assigned a Zoom login/school email address and your child can join the class.
  7. A Certificate of Completion of the year level by Invictus will be issued.
  8. Our qualified teachers will assess the ability of every student to determine their proficiency. Students are promoted to the next year level based on the teacher's recommendation.

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